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Wet film gauges

To test the thickness of a wet paint film, Europag can deliver several wet film gauges.
The gauges are made of synthetic material or aluminium and can be delivered in different dimensions and models.
Some of the gauges can be delivered with a synthetic holder.
The wet film gauges can be printed with your logo or your brand and other information (depending on the space).

The gauges below are a selection from the assortment.

This tricomb wet film gauge, made of synthetic material has 18 different measuring points, which has a range of 50 to 900 micron.
This disposable gauge is ideal for quality control.
It conforms to the standards BS 3900-C5, ISO 2808-7B en ASTM D4414-A.
This tricomb gauge is made of aluminium.
It can be delivered in different models with ranges from 25 to 5000 micron.
All tricombs made of aluminium have 45 measuring points.
It conforms to the standards BS, ISO, DIN, ASTM and SSPC.
This gauge has six sides and 30 measuring points.
The meter has a range of 25 micron to 2000 micron and is made of aluminium.
There are also gauges with four sides, which have the same range. For questions about these products, you can contact Europag.

Prices Wet Film Gauge

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