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promotional products for the paint industry


Below you find a small selection for our assortment colorfans and colorcharts. All fans are produced according the specifications and wishes of the customer. Feel free to contact us for the possibilities!
Colourfans can be delivered to any specification the customer has.
Standard fans with RAL and Eurotrend colours are being delivered for special prices!
Next to paint colours, fans can also be ordered with wood- metallic or fluorescent colours.
Our supplier has as its specialty colourfans for wood protection and wood paints on wood finish.
We can produce colorfans in all the woodcolours you wish, in a realistic way.
We also produce colourcharts, small and large (2 x 2 metre), with colour squares with real paint and the shinegrades you wish.
Next to that, cards can be produces for products like car colours, furniture colours, kitchen colours etc.
Application of your own products is also possible. Please feel free to contact us about your colour promotional products!

Prices Color Charts

We offer a lot of different colorcharts and colorfans. These products can be made according to your wishes. We can send you examples of the colorfans and colorcharts for free.
Please contact us for more information about all the possibilities we can offer.